Nas - As We Enter (feat. Damian Marley) (2010)

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Nas - As We Enter (feat. Damian Marley) lyrics

As we enter come mek we tek you on di biggest adventure,
Must be dementia that you ever
thought you could touch our credentials,
what's the initials,
You be jamrock the lyrical official send out di yarda,
laws and di rituals
Burn candles, say prayers, paint heros (?),
it is truth we big
news, we hood heros
Bruk past di anchor (?), we come to conquer,
man a badman we nah play willy wonka
And I got the guns, I got the ganja,
and we could blaze it up on ya block if you wanna,
or, haze it up stash box in a hummer, or,
you could run up and get done up or,
Get somethin that you want none of,
and limited amount you collect from us,
Direct from us, street intellectuals,
and I'm shrewd about decimals,