Nappy Roots - Pete Rose (feat. Khujo Goodie) (2011)

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Nappy Roots - Pete Rose (feat. Khujo Goodie) lyrics

South ..edge
Tire of killed Obama everywhere i piss roll ..
and take a .. twenty five on a back road
oh boy tell em what you came from

yeah all the G’s in the drink grab the hose and hit the damn mother fucker
what that nigga think
as country folk losing hope aint’ see much a change
photo for a vote but i keep em ..
..the land of the brave i say, home of the ..the land of the slave
Got me chasing this G’s i’m stucking amazed
Got she like fuck the degree fuck it your ..
Got .. killers death fish swimmers
Go hands .. the sins of ..dealers
.. Olympic winners if you own you can handle like ..

With the scene ..
Streets dirt rose young blurs
G’s street .. rose
G’s big rose, Pete show.

.. man fuck a white..fuck a..
And t boys from the apartment take your shit
Watch and see ti .. look at these damn fool
Shawty ..but little white bitch ..

The things on man on do to try to make an honest living
Seems impossible when opportunity is missing
On top of that a lot of bills gotta be the children
..for the shit we’re playin ..

My homie just got out my cousin going back in
Recorders of my neighborhood feel packed in a pin
I swear the justice is some set up target like man
They say a new phenomena they going on suspect in

... i’m a side looking for leads to clock’s ticking
Should block down the cop strippin
Community model stop snitchin
Piss off the beat of ..

With the scene ..
Streets dirt rose young blurs
G’s street .. rose
G’s big rose, Pete show.

..blunt and i don’t do paper
I’m in the myself getting straight paper
Poe folks like ..

...still head it at the bar
..don’t mean what they used to mean
Now they .. tryn to kill a thing

Yeah i’m on my Pete Rose bear it out let make it kill it
Before while i lay my head i’m tryin to get a billion
I used to do it for the love i kind of loved the feeling
Fuck a ...

I’m in the bucket piping the man of ..
I .. fuck it
Black tees at the tease low cut chuck it
The old school p can crush it