Nappy Roots - Light & Dark lyrics

(Intro - Big V)
Music, music, music (the blowin of the wind)
If you ever think about it you walk in the rhythm
(The flap of a bird's wings, calms the savage beast)
Your whole life is a beat (the cries of a baby)
Soothes, the baby sleeps (the mirrors and expressions of your life)
Emotion (life is a song, a beat, a tempo)
Christ our Savior, adrenaline (adjusted by a situation)
Inspiration, that's music (and that's us)
Here we go

(B. Stille (Anthony Hamilton))
Yup, that's what I'm talkin about right there (gotta be)
You just can't get that, nowhere but this
Ya know what I'm sayin, this is classic shit
C'mon (Whoaaaaaa)

(Verse 1 - B. Stille)
Groove to the bassline, slap that snare drum
It's music to ya eardrum, snap these back
We ain't goin nowhere hun, keep on dancin
From the mud to the mansion, imagine that
Back rubs, get the body oils, pass me that

Hot tubs, sit yo' ass in that
And only music this good, could make 'em act like that
So just do it (listen to it), this is a classic track
It's like music

(Chorus 2x - B. Stille (Anthony Hamilton))
In the light, in the light
In the dark, in the dark
(Got to be music)
In the soul, in the soul
(Got to be music)
In ya heart, in ya heart
(Got to be music)
To the end, to the end
From the start, from the start
(Got to be music)
Good music (All I know)

(Verse 2 - Skinny Deville)
Aww man, I'm in the zone again, caught up in the whirlwind
And I'm, tryin to make a decision before the whole damn world ends
When, days turn into nights man and burn for twice as long
Cause when my pen brushes the pad with an art form that micropho