Napalm Death - Protection Racket lyrics

For the common good,
that glare so piercing
it will burn through your back
Reach, re-educate the soul
(even though this is feigned)
Because you need
to be taken to task

Obscure my face
In Shadows i'll consolidate
Unmasked, i'd be whipped into shape
In shadows i'll consolidate

False alarmist - they will brand it
on your back
Or maniacal sadist, when you are
barely defence-minded
Because you walk right out of step

Obscure my face
Effectively decapitate
Unbowed through
the smear campaign
Effectively decapitate
Effectively, socially,
protectively decapitated.

Without in the blackout
So everybody's running scared
Witheout in the blackout
Rank and file and all upstanding
with selective downplaying
Witheout in the blackout

Witheout in the blackout
So the oft-duped
are grossly impaired
Witheout in the blackout
Startled, unsettled,
thus curiosity expelled
Witheout in the blackout

Homogenous - i'm surplus to
this time that's well contained
Sullied rat in basement trap
with vital expose

For your own protection,
for the retardation ...