Nancial - One More Scar lyrics

Woke up at night, in horror and fever
Feeling death-damp and pain in the liver
I saw a nightmare through my fairy dream
And it washed me just like an ice-cold stream
Once I was told by a fortune-teller
You were the last man standing in valor
Scars on the soul are never too old
They don't age with time - they only grow
Blood cannot warm up scars on the soul
Scars cause me pain for they're never too old!
Years bring us one scar after other

Friends pass away, children lose their mothers
Pain within me is becoming stunning
I guess my time to fade out is coming
I want to take things under my control
Instead the scar is still gnawing my soul
I stay up all night and go through this ache
I'm so scared to die before I'm awake