Nana - Let It Rain lyrics (Chinese translation). | (chorus)
, Let it rain, let it rain, make my pain go away,
, In my brain, let it rain, let it...
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Nana - Let It Rain (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: (chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: Let it rain, let it rain, make my pain go away,
ZH: 让它下雨了,让它下雨了,把我的痛苦消失,

EN: In my brain, let it rain, let it rain,
ZH: 在我的脑中,让它下雨了,让它下雨,

EN: All this pain in my brain, oh, it drives me insane
ZH: 此痛在我的大脑中,哦,它让我发狂

EN: In God's name all this pain is a shame
ZH: 以上帝的名义这所有的痛苦都是耻辱

EN: Wake up in the morning I got sleep in my eyes
ZH: 我在我的眼睛了睡眠的早晨醒来

EN: I feel bad,
ZH: 我感觉很糟糕,

EN: Nobody gives a damn about a black brother,
ZH: 没有人谴责黑色的弟弟,

EN: There's no other like my mother,
ZH: 就像我的母亲,没有别人

EN: We speak everyday not in sense of words but pray,
ZH: 我们每天都不在词的意义上讲,但祈祷,

EN: Check it, ten years ago died of brain cancer,
ZH: 检查它,十年前死于癌症的大脑,

EN: And went to heaven,
ZH: 去了天堂,

EN: 1997 rollin' with the family Booya music,
ZH: 1997 rollin' 与 Booya 音乐的家庭,

EN: My peeps y'all representing,
ZH: 我窥视你们代表,

EN: Runnin' everyday from the pain let it go away
ZH: 它的疼痛让从逃跑日常消失

EN: It's drivin' me insane not to my dying day
ZH: 它是赶回我到疯狂不到死的那天

EN: High from the sky rain wash away my pain
ZH: 高从天空雨洗去我的痛苦

EN: And maintain
ZH: 和维护

EN: I can use my brain to play the game,
ZH: 我可以用我的大脑来玩游戏,

EN: It's a shame, try to figure out who I blame
ZH: 遗憾的是,试图弄清楚我怪谁

EN: When a child is born mom and daddy need a change
ZH: 当一个孩子是天生的妈妈和爸爸需要改变

EN: Like a window needs a frame and the sugar to the cane
ZH: 一个窗口一样也需要的框架和甘蔗糖

EN: Like a baby has a name
ZH: 像婴儿一样都有一个名称

EN: (chorus)x1
ZH: (合唱) x 1

EN: 2:35 in the night, can't sleep, see me struggling,
ZH: 2: 35 的黑夜里,不能睡着,看我苦苦挣扎,

EN: Sheets in my bed full of sweat, got to keep hustling,
ZH: 在我的床上充满了汗水,张得保持言外之意,

EN: One and one is two and not three,
ZH: 一个,另一个是两、 三次,

EN: The pain will release 'cause in God I believe,
ZH: 疼痛会释放,因为我相信上帝,

EN: Yes, the only way in life to succeed is be blessed,
ZH: 是的在生活中取得成功的唯一方法是有福了,

EN: Free your mind from head to toe and get dressed,
ZH: 放松你的心情,从头到脚,穿好衣服,

EN: Fresh express what you have in your chest unless
ZH: 新鲜表达什么你有你的胸除非

EN: You want to put me to the test,
ZH: 你想把我放到测试,

EN: Chicken breast, to be or not to be
ZH: 鸡胸,还是不

EN: Is the big quest', Federal Republic of Germany
ZH: 是大追求 ',德国联邦共和国

EN: Of course the West,
ZH: 当然,西

EN: Now you think that you know where we're coming from,
ZH: 现在,您已经想知道我们来自哪里,

EN: Wipe away your tears little sister pray to God,
ZH: 你把的眼泪擦的小妹妹向上帝祈祷,

EN: One day rain will come by your way,
ZH: 一天雨会来你的方式

EN: Don't ever lose hope, nature gives and takes,
ZH: 永远不要失去希望,大自然赠予和需要,

EN: No fuss, ashes to ashes and dust to dust
ZH: 没有大惊小怪,骨灰成灰烬和浮生