Names Without Numbers - Never Settle For Anything Other Than Mediocre lyrics

I so desire something simple
So Why am I making things so hard
I need to make this better now in my mind
If I can only lower down my guard

Would it make you happy
If I swallowed up my pride to follow you
I know that you don't need me
Still it's all I hear you telling me to do

Pride's so hard to swollow down
Especially when it's swelling all the time
Maybe I don't have to change a thing
Just make believe the changes in my mind

Would it make me sorry
If i turned my back and walked away from you
I know that you don't need me
But what if I need you when I do

I'm still kicking around trying to figure out
Where should I go now what's this all about

Look into my bloodshot eyes
I'm guessing that you've seen this all before
I know i took advantage of your mercy
But you stepped in to even out the score