Namebrand - Suicide City (2014)

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Namebrand - Suicide City lyrics

City lights, let's go back back in the day
Back back in the car
Back when backpackin' was bomb
Cause backpackin' menus was in rap battles
Or back in the class, baggin' a black dragon fo' sures
Let's go back to the back-alley, the crack alley
Black Caddies ride up the floor
Trap trappin' it hard, then woop woop
They all scatter like frogs for the white and black wagon
No, that's the man that they love
Fear bein' hassled and thrown back in the squad
Oh, they make it hard cause you a black mackin' in charge
River Side to Rain Park, they had a war
If you lift the mask you can get shot shackled and scared
Don't speak, cause Brenny wasn't involved

He waver over Dennis, so he examine it all
Got Locs and his family so unhappily poor
They were in no pants, two duffle bags, no Santa Claus
Michelle come back with a bag fat a bazaar
I ain't even mad cause he did that while you back starvin'
Thinkin' back at my grandma, pantry ass shit
Now we eatin' lamas straight out the bag with the candy call(?)
Back to the day my cousin was slang
Taught me everything, then he went white back with the Lord
Cause he get two in his chest, three the back of his skull
Not a single witness when them bitch ass niggas ran off
Wish I could travel back to the scenes
Now in a physical, but in supernatural form
While 'em bullets travel, I step in front of the path
I have seconds then put the cannon back in his palm
Maybe he could have changed the outcome
(How come?)
I'm sick of sayn how come
(How come?)
Askin' Anisie like where the Keith at?
Knowin' damn well he'll neva give me no feedback
Keep it movin' like remax
Give ya RIP and they all repeat it like rematch
Pray to God I never be that
Believe that
Welcome to Suicide City
Home of the goons an the goblins
Color coded mobsters
Loud marijuana
Babies on the corner who they neva know they father
So you got a problem you ain't from that spotless

Welcome to Suicide City
The place, we go thru it
Tryna climb out the bottom
But most of us don't do it
And If you do find yo way
You pray that you won't lose it
In the fast life, this could be yo last day