Najee The 1 - Elevated (feat. DB2) (2012)

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Najee The 1 - Elevated (feat. DB2) lyrics

[Verse 1: Najee The 1]
Yeah standing ovation for the young man
Who made it out of hell with just a sun tan
Go ahead shake his hand
Appreciate the greatness
Break from all the fakeness
I hop on tracks and run races
International flow oh that's just my basic
And you still can't see me like your vision's blurred
It's quite amazing how the kid emerged
Wings clipped like a sitting bird
Now chickens throw the kitten every time they hear the engine purr
Rev it up hop on the curb
Treat the game like the street this is my block you heard?
Don't got to love but respect the two Es
Done with true ease while I'm catching a few Zs
I do this in my sleep while you spend time hating
I was Elevating like

[Hook: DB2]
Because when I reach up to the sky ain't no stopping me
Running at the speed of light I'm just breaking free

[Verse 2: Najee The 1]
This is the second installment
Yo Mike remember when them tears was pouring?
I mean we ain't balling
I'll tell you this much we're doing better on offense
Count my blessings before the Benjis
Count friends on half a hand the rest are all enemies
Even if they get to me they couldn't kill my memory
It was written the legacy was meant to be
Life on record it's so revealing
Far from rap it's true feeling
God had me in awe by his card dealing
And the pain had me higher than the ceiling
Hoping marijuana would slow up my karma
Things I did could come back to the kid
But did it to live pray the Lord forgive
Because I was born amongst the unfortunate
And now we on


[Verse 3: Najee The 1]
Yo tell by my intellect I've been a vet
I turn 10 to 20 know how to benefit
Do for I what you can't do for me
Only rapper with a story on his way to the glory
And I'll die for this
Although I'm alive for this
NAJ 2Es will 2Pac and take 5 for this
Ready to die BI look at my eyes for this
No sleep up like I'm uncomfortable
On the contrary do what I love to do
Which is stunt on these haters
Talk my talk walk my walk and crush these haters
Pardon my French but fuck these haters
I'm up 1 on these haters
Rest when I'm dead and that's never
They'll forever quote my endeavors