NOX - Insane Hatred For The Supposed Creator lyrics

Razors slashing
Grabbing beneath skin
Blood all over
I undo myself from face
This body I refuse
Must be sacrificed to my rage
For it's an insult and a blasphemy
To the Satanic Will

Hail Satan!
Hail Satan!

I am Chaos
Made out of Madness
I carry Insane Hatred
And yes, I know not god
The supposed blessing from creation
Has been withheld from me ever since I was born

And yes, I know not god
And yes, I know not god

My hatred requires more and more blood
Each time I rip myself to pieces
Bound to become bleeding
Bound to become drained from all holy

Molesting god's gift
I slit myself clean
This carcass was Satanized
And it's terminal!

Salvation through self mutilation
I cut myself red
Purification through putrefaction
God rots inside me

Until all righteousness
Latent in the core of my being is exhausted
Scraping all human from my soul
Which is black as pitch

Cut off from god
Ceremonial separation
Removal of father, son and holy spirit

Agla Eloim
Agla Jehova
Agla Sabaoth
Agla Adonai Mathon
Thou are fully and utterly aborted

Unclean spirit I cast you out!