NOFX - The Quitter lyrics

Be a winner not a problem admitter un quit (I quit, I'm shit)
Better to be a hepper than a healthy 12 stepper, forfeit (I'm shit)
You wanna keep it goin’ but you don’t know how
Everyone at meetings gets a Löwenbräu
You quit, (I quit)
You’re shit, (I’m shit)
you’re a quitter, (I’m a quitter)
And no one likes you!

Start a pattern of behavior; I see no reason to stop. (don't stop, don't drop)
You got a habit, got to have it ’til it’s finished don’t drop (don't drop)
The Charlie Chan’s chopped, Pabst pitcher been poured
You got a spare kidney and your liver looks bored
So stop (With friends)
fucking (like you)
around (I’m fucked)
You’re buying the next round.

[Com'on you gonna quit?
You gonna walk away and quit?
Mark my words, if ya ever wanna be a winner
you gotta quit talking about quittin'.
You got that?]

You wanna be a Thompson, Hemingway, Bukowski
Banging Bill Burroughs lived to 83
You’re fa...(You're a)
mous (fucking)
and you’re rich, (dickhead)
quit acting like a bitch!

And no one likes you! Blegh.