N.O.R.E. - Banned From Another Club lyrics

[Verse 1 -N.O.R.E.] Bannned from another club 'cause we threw out another dub and screwed up tha purple cup and did not pop tha bub all we is iz thugz u cant stop us u wish u was , u wish u was we banned from another club!!!!! [Verse 2-Hype] Yo what tha hype bout theres no doubt we ride tha dub and shit we banned from another club , 'cause 84s when i spinnin up look up and shut tha f**k up hey girl lemme pour sum of this drink in ya cup get passed the security gaurds everywhere we go we aint banned from a bar we banned from another club 'cause im hype u know who we be 'cause u aint got time to open ya eyes and see 'cause when we get banned again i aint payin that damn fee.