N-Dubz - Wouldn't You lyrics (Chinese translation). | Na Na Naii
, Oh Na Na Noww
, [Tulisa]
, [Verse 1]
, Boy ive been seeing you for quite a while
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N-Dubz - Wouldn't You (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Na Na Naii
ZH: Na Na Naii

EN: Oh Na Na Noww
ZH: 哦 Na Na 了,

EN: [Tulisa]
ZH: [] Tulisa

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: Boy ive been seeing you for quite a while
ZH: 男孩香港专业教育学院看到了你很久

EN: And I gotta confess its best what you do to me
ZH: 我得承认其最好你对我做什么

EN: I need to tell you
ZH: 我要告诉你

EN: About the way you’ve changed my life
ZH: 方式更改了我的生活

EN: So many beautiful nights are the reason
ZH: 如此多的美丽夜晚是的原因

EN: Youve got me staying all through the night
ZH: 你已经有了我住了一整晚

EN: See the thing is..
ZH: 看到的是......

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: I don’t quite understand
ZH: 我不太明白

EN: What you’re trying to say (straight up)
ZH: 你想说 (直线上升)

EN: Can you make it clearer?
ZH: 你能更清楚吗?

EN: I just want you nearer
ZH: 接近只是想让你

EN: See everyone around me keeps on saying that
ZH: 看到我周围的人保持上说

EN: I must be blind (well they do have a point)
ZH: 我一定是瞎 (好他们做有一个点)

EN: Shut up!
ZH: 闭嘴!

EN: All im tryin got say is that
ZH: 所有 im 试都了说这是

EN: Wouldn’t you wouldn’t you
ZH: 不会你不会你

EN: like to have me to yourself
ZH: 不想要我给自己

EN: all to myself
ZH: 所有对自己

EN: all to yourself
ZH: 都留给自己

EN: what if I was to break your heart
ZH: 如果我是要伤你的心

EN: who would be dumb enough to
ZH: 谁会傻到对

EN: lose all that I have got for you
ZH: 失去所有的我都给你

EN: all to myself
ZH: 所有对自己

EN: all to yourself
ZH: 都留给自己

EN: you've got to finish what you start
ZH: 你得完成你的开始

EN: haha I can give you that haha
ZH: 哈哈我可以给你哈哈

EN: let me give you that hahahahaha
ZH: 让我给你那 hahahahaha

EN: na na naii
ZH: na na naii

EN: oo na na noww
ZH: oo na na 了,

EN: [Dappy]
ZH: [] Dappy

EN: I like when you wear them material things
ZH: 我喜欢你穿他们物质上的东西的时候

EN: But I like it more when you try my hat on with the strings
ZH: 但我喜欢它更多当你再试试我的帽子与字符串

EN: And do the impression on me when I say na na naii
ZH: 做对我的印象,当我说 na na naii

EN: I aint gonna lie no more you must have done a lot
ZH: 我不会说谎没有更多的是你必须做很多

EN: For the body and the back and the brain that youve got
ZH: 身体和后面和你的大脑

EN: It’s simple if I start I wont stop
ZH: 很简单如果我开始我不会停止

EN: Youre so intelligent with such a high IQ
ZH: 你是那么的聪明与这种高智商

EN: So if I ever have a baby id love it to be with you
ZH: 所以如果有过一个孩子 id 爱它要和你在一起

EN: [Faze]
ZH: [对也没影响]

EN: The way she smiles at me every time she sees me its crazy
ZH: 方式她微笑着我每一次她看到我自己的疯狂

EN: Im proud to call her my lady
ZH: Im 自豪地给她打电话我的夫人

EN: Like daps said, she the type of I girl I wanna see holding my baby
ZH: 像 daps 说,她的我的类型女孩我想看着我的宝贝

EN: And she don’t get excited whenever my job pays me
ZH: 她别太兴奋,每当我的工作付我

EN: But if im on the phone she don’t act right
ZH: 但如果她不行动权在电话上的 im

EN: So I try to keep them well away
ZH: 所以我试着离他们很远

EN: So I don’t have to stop a catfight
ZH: 所以我没有要停止的票子

EN: Cant say I never said I wasn’t that type
ZH: 不能说我从没说过我不是那种

EN: Truly you really confuse me
ZH: 真正你真的迷惑我

EN: And thats why
ZH: 这就是为什么

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Dappy]
ZH: [] Dappy

EN: Whatever what would a girl like you want from a rebel like me?
ZH: 无论什么会这样你想从像我这样的反叛的女孩?

EN: Got no money in the bank just stuck in a council estate ??
ZH: 没有钱放在银行只是被困在安理会地产概览

EN: [Tulisa]
ZH: [] Tulisa

EN: Together, were gonna be closer to the dream
ZH: 在一起,要在接近梦想

EN: Its like we’re just you and me so its up to you
ZH: 其我们就只有你和我很像你

EN: [chorus]
ZH: [合唱]