Mytemper - Yipee-Yo lyrics

I wish I had some Yip
That's what I said
You thought it was over
You thought it was clear
Look over your shoulder
The craving appears
You say to yourself
You don't need this shit
I wish I had some yip
Goodbye so high
Am I gonna die

Don't take it from a crackhead
Don't take his word for a word
That's obsurd
Picture this
You're all fucked up
Your minds fucked up
From all that snow
You're right fucked up?
How can you tell
Compliments from yipee-yo
Just like the guy said
And you know we about to trip
As the pary is on tip
From my people that's a trip
That's what I said
Then the sticky snot
A sudden stop, drop
Going out for the night
But ya'll need to stop it
Cause you're broke
Then next thing you know
You're nothing but a joke
I wish I had some yip
Why do I try?
You can't go on and be this way
You won't recall on where you stay
Just go ahead and clean your mind
Relieve yourself from all this tension