Mystery - Travel To The Night lyrics

The air to Wind transforms the path
From where he's been to where he's going
Brought beyond his conscious fear
His love becomes familiar knowing

While throughout the day
Of which the innocence was cast away
In time the seed of living
Shows itself another way

As life begins to make the offers
Among the streets and guides of spirit
He's mesmerized by all the choice
There flows a voice yet he doesn't hear it

And all the while this time
Surrender to the decadence sublime
Laughter in the form of echoes
Lead him to another crime

Travels to the Night
He travels to the Night

So you think you've got it good now
Sitting pretty with your new found habit
Getting older chasing all your rabbits

Into the nocturnal skin
Let temptation suck you further in
The wall to crawl is all you have to do
The rest is up to you

Travels to the night
He’s traveling
He travels to the night
Anytime, anywhere
It wasn't right this time
This time, this time, this time
He travels to the night