Mysonne - Otis (Freestyle) (2011)

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Mysonne - Otis (Freestyle) lyrics

I perfect the oral
I am the .. she’s doing
I am the nigger she’s pulling
You spoil her
Nigger you got no balls are you a bawler
Playing with a gun man I can shot and reload
I could cook up the blow it won’t …
Make the shit grow till the .. one grand
.. mother fucker don’t .. mother fucker ..
I am gonna make the summer so cold
That the summer won’t come again
Wanna win better roll with us
Nigger trying to find a way get a..
Love money ain’t gonna one that’s the question
Money talks you are broke hush .. losing the option
Nigger won’t give me a shut he get shot in
How the fuck am I not in the top 10
I am a combination of G rap and ..skinny lose weight
How do you .. half of these cats in the game are rats
That’s a God damn shame I am on my God damn lane
All of you God damn .. don’t even say my God damn name
I got that .. fuck you niggers no rainbow
This track is a bitch but I don’t know no name no