Mysonne - Open Letter (2013)

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Mysonne - Open Letter lyrics

The autobots are a highly advanced form of robots I don't really know if they're from the past, or the future, but they can think and have real feelings.

It’s my song!
You all gonna learn the day
I’m about show y’all what I’ve learned from Jay
And I, I remember them say
The shit is all game, just gotta learn to play.
What up? Trick motherfuckers until you earn the pay
…these suckers until you turn your way
Sorry Jay, I wasn’t good at pretending!
And If a nigga need help, then he wasn’t my friend then
And I wasn’t checking and .. cause I feel defended
Trying to fix it, but I just couldn’t mend it
And you know how these sucker niggas act, though
Whispering behind your back, now you’re black bawled
Can’t be too real, too many fact, y’all
Now it’s me against the world, is what you ask for?
Y’all gonna learn today, aha
I’m gonna give them hell, you all gonna learn to pray
A bunch of soft dudes with no vertebra
Go ahead and play, I let them burn the spray!
Uh, I’m so tired of lying
Niggas selling all these dreams and you’re buying
Never gonna fool me, dwag, so stop trying (never!)
All the kids and all these birds not flying.
I’m defying the myth, trying to spit the truth
To prove the… is still buying the shit
I’m providing ‘em with actual fact reality
Wanna…cast, the action read reality
I give you all these tricks and totality
Toads get tagged in the streets, over salary!
And you’re talking about the Trinity James,
Yeah, I said it, Trinity Lame!
Trinidad fame is example of what’s wrong with the game!
It’s a God damn shame!
This lame was the… these Porsche monkey is the symbols
We don’t care, as long as he drive Lambos
Sport girl, and we ain’t…
I guess these… doctor King in the…
Fuck it in Rome, you do it like the Romans
Now I think like Sylvia Rhone and Leo Cohen.
It’s all buffoonery, yeah, we all know it
But whatever you gotta do to bring the dough in.
Real talk! I rather sell coke to dope folks
To poison babies and kids, they don’t know, yeah!
Anybody high, more rules are so low
Damn lil.. but they’re screaming out your love (your love, your love)
Now the hoes get glorified
Women with morals and pride get disqualified
Should I not even try to be authentic
Just embellish and lie to get dollar signs.
There’s just not how God built me
If being realer is a crime, then I’m guilty!
All they gonna say is, you’re broke, you gonna kill me,
Nigga, when you got respect, you’re rich, so I’m filthy!