Mysonne - No Idea (2013)

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Mysonne - No Idea lyrics

Stop them
Black, black shit to answer
Chief commander
What else?
The beat handel it
I'm the nigga tell 'em to sqize the ...
I'm the golden boy
I'm here to cure the cancer
You little boy,you better put you pants on
Before you think you fucking with me and get ..
I cand lose you, I get you ..
Execute you or give you breath
Under the last one left it's death before the diamont
Stay fresh to death
Try to mamma ....before ...
I'mma kind of nigga
I can figure out
Before she solve the puzzel...
Grown men .. you can teach aford but you can make it worth
I make 'em earn respect
I steel playing games, you're stell gonna pretend
ride for my nigga but son't push them too ..
I'm a nightmare I make you wish you won't sleep
..everythign that is solve...everything that they know
..I go I swer, you have no idea not a clue