Mylon LeFevre - Again And Again lyrics

Sun coming up just across the road
Dew is still fresh on the ground
The Morning Stay is still I nmy sight
A whipoorwill, the only sound

The river runds slow when it runs deep
The shallows they rush right by
The wind through the trees whispers to me
Oh, how I live that sound

Praise the Lord, all the nations
And sing praise to Him
All the people
Again and again

Stand down by the old water wheel
The field is so full of sights
Harvest time is coming so soon
The ground turns to life overnight


There's the Father
Looking out across the sky
Says, "What a fine, fine land
I think I'll send my Son down to meet the crowd
He'll help them understand"

Sun going down just across the road
Dusk is well on its way
Wait for the morning to break from the night
Oh, hear the children say, hear them say