Mydgard - Lord Of The Lords lyrics

I'm the thorn nailed in thy forehead
The nail that crosses thy feet and hands
The whip that lashes thy soul
The lance that impales thy entrails

I'm the king, the master
Of all my possessions
I'm the server, the slave
Of my sublime dominions
I'm the guardian of the door
Which hides paradise
I'm the last warrior
The one who looks to shelter my black soul

I'm the lord of the lords, I'm the decay of thy gods

I'm the storm that shakes the scarecrow
The logic that moves a puppet
I'm the truth that fondles life
The lie that fondles death

I'm the fire where thy hopes burn
The air that shatter thy desires
The sea where thy faith drown
The earth raped by thy god
I'm the wolf that wanders by the deep forest
And lets flow his primitives instincts
The lamb that awaits unconscious the ritual
And buries and scorns his existence
The heaven, where faith is corrupted
And thy almighty god die
The hell, where abstinence is enthroned
And indulgence is buried