MyGRAIN - Misery Assembly Line lyrics

Now dawns the payday of devil's deal
Transplanted love for everyday meal
You started the game, so you gotta play
Now hear me say

This white flag is stained
Upon the promise to cherish the wrong
Wrecking of your fragile pink world
Wipes out the stink of your bastard worlds

No time to retake this life
Ablaze are the memories untied

This price has taken place
Here's nothing we can't face
World turns like a big wheel of fortune
Buy a one-way ticket to torture

Misery's disposal standing so tall
Wicked anthems of praising the lord
Discord of your unsolved ties
Inauspicious smile upon your eyes

Hiding with transparent skin
Your misery
Feast and ponder and spit everything out
Misery assembly line
Hiding with transparent skin
My misery
Eyes wide shut and walking the line (walk this time)

Peel your skin
Underneath reveals the sin
Moving on, moving in, don't know where to begin
Do you feel juiced and weak?
Pins and needles upon your pale cheek
Tick tock ticking like a time bomb
Countdown to the fatal song

Don't you fuckin' touch my skin
This deceiving game you're in
Don't you fuckin' touch my skin
In this game, you can't lose or win

I rise, drenched from gasoline
Condemned ways of lighting the scene
Reaching the demolishing pain
And you gotta play

Got to embellish the emptiness
Take it with all and nothing less
Aching times to behold
Come and taste the filling in the mold (walk this line)