My Ticket Home - Dead Weight lyrics

Every day is a new day, an opportunity to love like never before.
Open up your mind and see that we are surrounded by perfection.
Take a second, close your eyes, and think about who you truly are.

Disregard all your flaws and prepare for conclusion.
We are all ungrateful, complaining to ourselves.
We crawl out from beneath insecurity.
I hate this process.

Realize, take a second.
What is it that you live for?
The truth will collide into your mind's vacant memory.
What is it that you live for?
Trace back these lines.

Collecting light from the furthest corners shows the darkness inside us all.
(Caleb): One day our potential will sink, collecting like dust on the ocean floor. (end)
Its leading us in circles.
Its leading us in endless circles.
Abandon fear and bathe in love.