My Dying Bride - And I Walk With Them (Live) lyrics (Chinese translation). | A Serpent it came to me
, Right before my eyes
, I looked to God way above me
, He looked down at my...
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My Dying Bride - And I Walk With Them (Live) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: A Serpent it came to me
ZH: 它对我来了一条蛇

EN: Right before my eyes
ZH: 在我眼前

EN: I looked to God way above me
ZH: 我看向我上面的神路

EN: He looked down at my lies
ZH: 他低头看我的谎言

EN: I said "oh Lord please help me
ZH: 我说:"哦主请帮我

EN: I am on my knees"
ZH: 我在我的膝盖上"

EN: "Your path is yours" he told me
ZH: 他告诉我"您的路径就是你"

EN: "Yours to reap"
ZH: "你要收获"

EN: A mighty wind did pull me
ZH: 强大的风才拉我

EN: Tore at my face
ZH: 扯着我的脸

EN: My flesh is raped at his hand
ZH: 我的肉是在他的手被强奸

EN: I am the world's disgrace
ZH: 我是世界的耻辱

EN: The Heaven opened above
ZH: 打开上面的天堂

EN: me
ZH: 我

EN: And down Gods tears came
ZH: 神的眼泪来了,

EN: Lashing away at my skin
ZH: 在我的皮肤走绑扎

EN: My stinking, rotten frame
ZH: 我又臭又烂的帧

EN: I though I'd fought the
ZH: 我虽然我打的是

EN: demons that roamed above me
ZH: 漫游我上面的恶魔

EN: I thought I'd slew their blood
ZH: 我以为我会杀了他们的血

EN: red hands
ZH: 手红红

EN: Their hearts still beat with all
ZH: 他们的心仍然击败所有

EN: the hatred for me
ZH: 对我来说仇恨

EN: Their mark still burns into my
ZH: 他们的印记依然熊熊燃烧到我

EN: very soul
ZH: 灵魂深处

EN: And I walk with them.
ZH: 我和他们一起走。

EN: They're shadowing my soul.
ZH: 他们隐藏我的灵魂。