My Drug Hell - It's Good But... lyrics

Hello A and R,
Yeah, no I'll definitely be there, 9.15 at the Borderline. Oh the Bull and Gate. No, I'll definitely be there...gotta go, bye
Sorry about that boys. (Sound of cassette being inserted into player)

So this is your tape yeah?
And have you see anyone else at A and R,
Oh I like it yeah,
Its a good beat,
Good bass too, nice and sweet,
I agree its a tune you can't ignore,
It's's just not quite what we're looking for.

You know I could see this as a hit,
With just a little bit of work on it,
Maybe if it had some lead guitar (lead guitar comes in)
Ah, what I really meant was wah wah (wah wah guitar comes in)
Indeed, the song does improve,
Yuh it moves yuh,
If it just...moved a little more,
I mean it's good, it's just not quite what we're looking for.

I must come and see you sometime,
Let me know when you're playing live,
Monday? At the Hare and Hounds?
Damn er I think I'm gonna be out of town,
Have you tried the independents?
Maybe what you need's some management,
Tracey if you'll just show these lads to the door,
Yeah it was good boys yeah, it's just not quite what we're looking for.

Well what we're really looking for is something more sort of grungey,
With maybe a little bit of indie,
Sort of grungey, and sort of indie,
Sort of a crossover,
Pearl Jam.
It's just not quite what we're looking.

Yeah but you know why the Doors made it?
No it was nothing to do with the material, no it wasn't even Morrison, no,
It was because they understood the marketplace, the marketplace, the marketplace