Musiq Soulchild - You'll Be Alright lyrics

so many people wanna search to find
within their days for that place
within their minds to hide
and dump the load of this worldly life
and the things that it can make you feel and do
just to pass away your time

but you'll be alright
if u just hold on
be strong you...
you'll be alright
yes u will yeah

people have a tendency to think to themselves
that they're the only ones goin through more things than anyone else
but oh... I beg to beg to differ, if u would just consider the much bigger picture
then you would see that most people go through the same things that u do in life


Just take a good look around
you can thank all the poeple that u c yeah

(all the people that you c cause)
we share our joy (we share our joy)
we share our pain (we share our pain)
but it doesn't matter at all (oooh)
we're all the same

So you'll be alriiiiiiiiight yeah
you're gonna be alright

Oooohhh u will be alright
(ooooh oooohh ooooh)

u'll be alright
u'll be alright
u'll be alright

u gonna be alright
u gonna be alright
u gonna be alright
u gonna be alright