Musiq - Realove lyrics

Album: Juslisen (Just Listen)

I know this girl from way back
Some time ago
Fine as the autumn sun
With a heart of gold yeah
One day we talked about some
Men in her past
Cause I was just tryin to understand

Why it's always like she always tried to hide
What it is she feels or what's on her mind
When it comes to love
She gets so afraid that someone will come
And hurt her again someday


All her life she never had
Someone to show her what it means
To have or be in Realove

She never had a man
Who was kind to her
Never told her I love you
Without gettin hurt no
Some people say she's bitter
Some think she's scared
Some people say she thinks nobody cares

Now she walks around
And protects her heart
Never look for love
Lives behind a wall
Tell it to herself
All men sre the same
Cause that's how it is
And that is such a shame