Murphy Lee - I Do (Remix) lyrics

Murphy Lee's verse:

Now Murphy Lee got dough like Brady
in a ES like Tray Dee,
you say I do, I say I did like Katie's,
puffin on Swisher Sweets with a Lady
sweeter than Sad'e
No probly's or Maybe's,
No problems or Babies
I'm young dude Admit-it
drove a Benz,while permitted
got a liscence for Pimpin
and I'm fully Equippin
like Weight Sets
I'm little but packin like Safe Sex
and sometimes I don't play like an old Tape Deck
I'm nasty Mama, make ya tell it all like yo Hona (your Honor)
I'm Left-Right like Drama then I pause like Comma
Now I'm in the middle like Russia
a sex Hustla
Doin the right thing to make ya say "Don't Touch-Her"
Plus-ya, turnin me on like Television
and plus-ya, got STL hat on, Representin'
You probably think Murphy Lee's Craaazzaayy
the Lunatics is the family that Raaaaissed Me