Murder Inc. - Supergrass lyrics

Your song came on again,
Why can't I hear it?
Reminds me of stormy weather.

At heart you are afraid
To tell me your secrets.
It's not so much my own endeavor...

Remind me to awake,
With your fascination,
I wanna spend some time in you...

To overcome today
My terror of breathing
I'm breathing in because of you...

I once caught you stealing,
So long ago,
Things that I bought you.
How did you?

The sun burnt my skin,
The moon kept on shinin',
The treasures of my open book.

The pages were blank
Or stained with my whiskey.
I can't believe you tried to look...

But give me some time
And space just to breathe in,
I swear I'll give it all to you.

I broke down my walls
And opened some windows
To open up my eyes for you...
I thought I could believe you
A long time ago.
You planted these seeds...
Now they won't grow.