Murda Mook - 10 Foot (2011)

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Murda Mook - 10 Foot lyrics

Hey look, all of more day I’ll be waiting till they burry me
Twitter got me verified b*tch I’m a celebrity
Any rap or want it I’m a killer work the melody
I stay fly boy come with wings like celery
.. that new thing like f*ck nigga selling me
Bad white b*tch ..cruising like Penelope
... on that double .. legacy
You move wrong than my shooters strike you like the felony
I play the game before the niggas knew the system
you say somebody hide I’m sorry I must ..

2011 I’m telling I’ma be dwelling
... from America all the way to belgians
Is nothing you can tell .. not to get your bell ..
Talking crazy money b*tch, I wonder your ..
Goota b*tch look at my d*ck while I get my nail gun
I’m on a ..niggas mad I blue like ..
if we’re talking though of course you got a low cause
and I don’t touch it while it’s fresh I like my ..
why you’re looking hopeless, I’m focused why these b*tches on my d*ck
I guess my flow exotic .. and they’ve been ..
They say ..can you hocus like pocus
Ohh shit, I’m about to be gone in this b*tch
.. niggas stop putting alarm on your b*tch
These low nigga knowing me they get they get the style from
Talking battles and I’m right .. from my album
Is not just meant to be, we’re in two different leads
If we’re in the same ... nigga please, I didn’t f*ck nigga’s up mentally
Somebody reclaim to ate me, you gotta be shitting me
This is it, get the grip, slip the clip, .. the shit, hit the dog
Hit the nigga, hit the b*tch, I don’t even .., balls nigga in this b*tch
F*ck with the dummies talking, I don’t ..Po got sentence and the judge
To the emphasis it took me like a .. ain’t mention..shit
Real nigga shit..move militant, wanna go to war with us
That for you is Eminem, yeah, let’s get it started in this mother f*cker ..
Somebody party in this party mother f*cker
We like .. pines, she’s got different views, ‘cause nigga ain’t touching me
The nigga ain’t feeling you, I do this in my sleep ..dealing with us
Nobody like the .. niggas, you niggas .. bring them
I’ma play crash you won’t f*ck em .. we different b*tch, we ain’t the same
747 my credit is like the plane, damn, you see I’m ...
I get inside their brains .. holds insane
..catch me on .. I just arrange to take the trip off the planet
F*ck these nigga think the .. this is granted
You stay broke in the hood, wait the .. damn it
They say more paper, more haters, I f*ck them
I get more shit and more flavors
Have a .. I can’t even buy a soul, I got no neighbors,
But seems like a lot to you to me is just a
...i’m only 25 I got the a little shit
A little bit, my nigga you 69 in a 3 ...