Muppets - Dance Myself To Sleep lyrics

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep,
But it's not so bad
I don't worry
And I don't weep
In fact'
I'm glad!

Because I
Get up off my pillow
And I flip on the light
I get down and get hip
In the still of the night
I stretch and I yawn
And then I breathe real deep;
And dance myself to sleep.

I hoof around my beddy,
Just 'a tappin' my toes
Before I know what's happened
I'm a ready to go
Got some partners I can count on
Called the Boogie-Woogie Sheep
I dance myself to sleep

I gently rock-a-by myself across the floor
I turn and then I toss
Then I start to snore
My trusty little bugle
Helps me spread the news
That I'm a'tappin' to taps
And a'rarin' to snooze.

*BUGLE MUSIC* (No, no, no, no, not the bugle!)

Well I'm gettin' kind of drowsy
So the moment has come
To grab my rubber ducky
While the sheep take my chum.

Time to shuffle off to dreamland,
Got a date to keep (Ernieeeeeeeeeeeee!)
We'll dance ourselves to sleep

Oh yeah

We'll dance ourselves to sleep

We're in our jammies

We'll dance ourselves to sleep

And thank you lambies

We'll dance ourselves to sleep