Muph & Plutonic - Goin On Tour lyrics

(feat. Urthboy)

[Intro: Urthboy]
Ay Muph my brother, what up?
Yeah man I see you got a few dates coming up
Don't worry, I warned 'em all you're coming haha

[Verse 1: Muph]
Ay yo, huh
Life is like bubble but it changes and evolves
If you're lucky, at point you'll finally get to have a hold
Even scholars with their honours man they wanna have a hold
And I promise despite my lack of logic, I've got soul
Roll with the punches, busted nose
Blood flowing, clutches in a rufted growth
Patrol with the compass and follow that road
M.O. cut the mustard and give 'em a show
We goin on tour, the soul skewer the beef
Dragging a long lure, to the strong secure speech
And thongs manoeuvred to King Kong of smoother beats
Who are we? Muph and Plutonic, a crew that bleeds
Just like you, and we innovate, take it interstate
In a plane of virgins, stimulated by the bourbon
Eliminate the nerves when we step on stage
Bags packed, suitcase and tube of toothpaste

[Interlude: Urthboy (Muph)]
Ah Muph that's mine man
(Oh is it? Sorry)
No it's all cool man
Just stay away from my toothbrush man
(No worries)
It's cool

[Hook: x2]
Cause we on the road again, oh yeah
Out in the middle of all nowhere
All bus carpets smell the same
My understatement, I'm glad you came

"Out on tour"
"Well we're on stage with the fortified sound"

[Verse 2: Urthboy]
So, give us your praise and, give us your pay
But that's not the game play, nor the way that we make ways
Before we got payed, we played the ashtrays
That's less than cab change, good nights and bad days
I slept under the base of Queenslanders
Leaking like camera, you only envision the granger
Now hands up, response back was backhanders
Stranded, non stop rock, standard answer
My baby wipes tears back, she feels abandoned
She wanted me to fly but quietly lightly landed
Cause, the bed's colder when I'm not there to share it
I feel it, I know it, I flow with a kick and snare hit
Sleep tight my baby, I'm coming home soon
I know it's lonely but it's something that I've got to go through
Through the towns I've read of in books
Life is a flash and I keep forgetting to look
Back in the cab and it's back on a plane
I'm a back to the same emergency procedures again
Huh, c'mon, onward to go weary but unfazed
Check the spark in my eye on stage
You see that cause? Yeah you see that cause

[Hook x2]

"Well we're on stage with the fortified sound"
"Out on tour"
"Well we're on stage with the fortified stage"

[Verse 3: Muph (Urthboy)]
Every show, I'm swimming in a pool of sweat
(Muph drink slow) We may be the coolest yet
(Easy on the smokes) You don't want to lose your breath
This is for those you know, the folks who knew the test
Our crew has met a lot of good people along the road
No attitude, show gratitude and keep on our toes
It goes on and on and on
We keep at it like the en-suite matters below Bell hotel
With a creaking mattress, oh well, don't over tell
That's a means to a package, unwrap it and leave satisfied
Five magnified by the wide-eyed psychos
Surprised when you see the size their flying high notes
Sound check, down a mil, my only real proviso
Ingredients needed to foresee a tight show
Equipped with the biro, no typo messages
Entering the centre of your gut, to much time together
But we barely argue, for the supporters who cause rawkus
Every time that we pass through

[Hook x2]