Munly And The Lupercalians - Petr lyrics

They named me Petr not Mark, Luke, Paul. I still
gots prophisies of things Ill do and done. I saved my
Grandpapa from the Bedlams gates, sprung him from
that trap, brung him home to teach me family ways.

Now Grandfater welcome back to cloistered home,
I got questions bout everything, then more questions
top of those. If you teach me love teach me hate teach
me of Ahmen. Then Grandfater I will spring from
your hand as planned.

But then he changed my plan when he trapped me in
my room. He locked the door real hard, said, 'dont you
see the dangers true!' I watched him tween the bars of
my windowed room, tighten the cloister locks, we
watchin each other both sayin', now this is tough.'

So I grabbed my Grandfater as he fed me in my room. I switched
our roles, locked hard the door, said, 'Grandfater now Ill teach
you.' Teach you love teach you hate re-teach you all you know.
And Grandfater I will teach you our new family laws.

Well Grandfater now put your gun away, Ill put the Wulf in
our cloister, yous can keep each other company. The iron spikes
that held me tight, the best traps on our ground. Of that you never
took no note, but Ill bring that beast home to keep all down.