Mungo Jerry - Hey Rosalyn lyrics

Hey Rosalyn, hey Rosalyn.

Woman with the beautiful eyes
I don't have to hear your lies
You're going with another man
I saw you late last night
He ain't no music man
I can't stop crying, you've gone and left me all alone.

Hey Rosalyn.

Why did you have to go
And leave the travelling show ?
And go with the bearded man
Whose house is full of gold
Now I have to sing on my own
Rosalyn, I need you, I just wanted you to know.

Hey Rosalyn.

My eyes are set in deep
At night I cannot sleep
I sit down on the rocks
You're lucky charm I keep
Watching the sun going down
Wishing I could hold you, run my fingers through your hair.

Hey Rosalyn.

I cry for the girl whose gone
But I must carry on
Playing in the travelling show
Singing the sad sad songs
I'm just a music man
Hoping that I'll find her before my body gets too old.