Mugshot - Wake Up Call lyrics

Tough times, well they come and go.
But somehow this time, that isn't so.
I've got too much time to think of the things that I've lost.
This city, it used to be fun.
And I felt so free, but now that she's gone,
It's been so lonely. I'm finding it harder to breath.
When will I wake up, and open my eyes,
This feeling takes up too much of my time.
Is she really worth it? I don't know.

Now all I want is to talk with her,
Then she'd find, this was all a mistake in leaving behind,
And never think of this again.
I turn on the radio for,
Advice. This song's on. It's asking the same questions that I've got.
It's good to know I'm not alone.

I dream of standing in a payphone, just blocks from her house,
And I said "Hey girl, why don't you come out?
I don't expect you to let me in. I know you never let anyone in."
Then she looked out her window,
And down past the rain,
And she said "Don't move. I can't lose you again."
The sound of that phone falling, as she came running towards me,

But, before she got there, I was awake,
And she was not there. I couldn't take,
The emptiness that found me, now lonliness surrounds me again.
I closed my eyes tight, and I tried to go back.
It was a long night, but I couldn't go back.
I only dreamt of falling, I only dreamt of falling, falling.

I can't keep living in this dream.
I can't just spend my life asleep.