Mud - Won't Let Go lyrics

You got your name about, flying around acting free.
But I could never doubt
That you'd come back to me.
Said you're having a ball,
Didn't want me to call.
But I know what I know
Can't let it go
Can't let it go

I never hear the sound of your soft voice any more.
I'm gonna be around when your feet hit the floor.
You reached out for the [can't hear this bit]
But you'll be crying soon.
But I know what I know
Won't let it go
Won't let it go

You burned the candle at both ends.
Turned your back on all of our old friends.
But I'm healed said [can't hear this bit]
If your sorry,
Really sorry
Won't let it go, let it go

Hear your friends have blown
Wasn't surprised it had to be.
You're crying when I phone
Sound so pleased that it's me
This time won't be the same,
There's new rules to game.
Now I know what I know
Won't let you go
Won't let you go.