Ms. Dynamite - Betterdays (2011)

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Ms. Dynamite - Betterdays lyrics

Age 12 and I’m smoking, I’m counting sticks
And I’m walking, I’m talking like a babyish chick
At first, it was Mary and his …
Boiler, 20-20 and a spiff is all I need
For be climbing out the windows when mom climb the roof
… fuck I ain’t fool, all this so I always got a bling and house
15 and I’m trying to sneak Jermaine in the house
16 and a hostile, thinking that I’m grown
17 realizing life is hard on your own
18 finished college, yeah I got them grades
19 took out the mike and my whole life changed
And I always knew that will be better days yo
Always knew that I’d see better days yo
Always destined for these better days yo
Head up baby girl, there will be better days yo

This one’s for every girl in a single home
… trying to make that dough
Mom stressed working up to keep the family fed
… but still…in your heart and your head
Every chick that’s ever had her whole world destroyed
… foolish boy could ever fill that void
Every sister with a … usual stress
If they could only see that we love them to death
Every woman hate it don’t cause she a beautiful queen
Trying to stay strong and trying to fill that dream
Sometimes it’s hard to understand the …we deal
Realize the only one to hold me down is myself

Young queen there will better days yo
Trust me …I seen better days yo,
Trust believe there will be better days yo
Head up baby girl, soon see better days yo

This one’s for my…and my boys in the hood
On the hussle on the struggle and they misunderstood
Trying to stay focus, trying to take a different route
Trying to succeed, but they just wanna kick it out
To my mind I’m on the block doing what they gotta do
This life every day just trying to make it through
Smoke that crazy shit to take the pain away
Trust a mommy ain’t gotta work a 12 hour day
Trying to be the best doctor, papsy never had
But baby mom’s…
She say he loves him too
But she only loves money and she fuck the whole crew

…man there will be better days yo,
Understand you can see better days yo
My king you’re besting for better days yo
Head up, … there will be better days yo

I’ma keep on trying, keep on flying, keep on striving
Won’t let the fiend darken my day, no
Long as I’m still breathing, I’m still believing,
I stay achieving
Can’t nothing just harden my vein, no
And I’m keeping my head up,
And I won’t let them fill my cup
I’ma show this … they can’t control this prince
Rise to the sky ain’t shit, can hold this
I’ll keep on holding on
And I’ll keep on standing strong
We run this, done this, you are the one sis
Know we won’t stop till we overcome this.