Mr. T Experience - You You You lyrics

It's funny how I'm running into you again
And how you're asking me how I've been
I keep running out of girlfriends 'cause they keep running out on me
It wasn't so long ago when you were one of them, I know
And I still miss you even though you ran away from me

Now you're something that I'm not allowed
That I had to learn to live without
But every so often I still think about you, you, you
'Cause some part of me expects to see more agony than ecstasy
And I still can't stop thinking of me and you, you, you

I had a speech written for this day
You're within reach, but I can't think of anything to say

Running into you today meant running out of cards to play
And running out of things to say
Though they're running through my head
Like why I still don't understand why we're not still together
And how I'd like to hold your hand one more time
Imagine if we were to make that spectacularly bad mistake
How many times is my heart gonna break over you, you, you?