Mr. T Experience - Will You Still Love Me When I Don't Love You? lyrics

Will you still love me when I don't love you?
I sure hope you do, it would be an ego boost

When I leave you, will you still be true
Phone me up every night
Ask me if I'm eating right?
'Cause I can't stay with you
I've got other things to do

But while I'm away, it sure would be great
If you would wait for me, cherish my memory
Keep my picture by your bed
Remember all the things I said

And you know, if you would
It would make me look good
And everyone would say
He's quite a guy

I hate working, it's so stupid
I'd much rather not have to do it
If you really love me, honey
Get another job and send me the money

If people knew that I could make you do that
Then everyone would say
He's quite a guy