Mr. Sos - Let's Go Get Stoned lyrics

"Let's go get stoned"
Everybody if you feel like smokin get up and say
"Let's go get stoned"
From the front to the back grab a sack roll it up and say
"Let's go get stoned"
I got five on it if you really wanna buy chronic, match me and
"Let's go get stoned"
Everybody if you feel like smoking that

[Verse 1:]
Mean, green, shit that make you feel like you livin inside a dream
It seems I can never smoke without ashin up on my jeans
As a teen, now I'm clean, in the spring, winter and everything in between
With a bottle of visine in my pants pocket, can't stop it
Never been the type to smoke and do a little trash talkin
But I've been known to smoke and drive all over the damn tropics
Cop another dime, spark it while I drive, foggin up my ride
Stoppin at the light just to get a shotgun from the side
I wanna get high, if you do too, say


[Verse 2:]
Chokealot, day that make you wanna choke a lot
Put it inside a bowl or cup a couple of dutches
Smoke too much of it and you'll probably see poke-a-dots
And I hope to god, that if you smoke some pot, you never try to approach a cop
Unless you know, that, you can keep your cool
Jitterbugs probably think it's cool, 'til you see them fall asleep in school
Bleachers too, teachers knew, I was lifted 'cause my seat was glued
To me 'cause I didn't think I could move, desk covered with ink and drool
Damn I need to eat some food, hamburgler, I forgot what I was saying earlier
Damn I'm lit, man I'm sick, I can't even understand this shit
Pass the spliff, yo I'm laughin so much that my motherfuckin pants just ripped
I don't know about you but if you ask me that's some pretty good cannibus