Mr. Shadow - You Can't See lyrics

(feat. Tha Mistahs)

[Mr. Lil' One]
What you thinkin, lil' did it every weekend
Tell you what I'm seekin I murder what you speakin
Tell it in your mind with a little bitty ryhme "OH MY GOD"
Never did I thought I do it so hard "OH LORD"
Let a "G" finish the song bring alot to the table and I'm willing to enable
Get [?] that be talking that shit
Ask anybody little put Bacardi in his body
I be drinking a havoc I make em' panic at the party
Make em' all want to call but they pinnin the law
Take a look up at this crook and remember you saw
The baddest motherfucker that ever walked this earth
You can tell it in my verse I been cursed since birth
Lets spread the word while your flippin your bird
See your mobbin with your boys trying to pitty my words
It's little to the dome now believe its on uh

[Chorus: Tha Mistahs]
(You Can't See) Me bitch I'm untouchable
(You Can't Be) Me bitch screaming "fuck you all"
(You Can't See) Me bitch I remain the same
(You Can't Be) Me bitch put a X on your name

[Mr. Shadow]
It's the M-I-S-T-A-H in your motherfuckin hood young rook try to hate
I'ma play wit your mind cuz I'm a playa for real
Make skrill by the bill you can't fuck wit homie
You don't want no Drama, Beef, or Static
From these hot ass drunk ass Sickofrantics
Go Ahead start to panic call your boys watch them assholes
Folda caught up in a holda
When I show up the whole seen freezes
Got your spot in shock like they just seen jesus
Can you believe this don't make me squeeze this piece of metal
You must respect the ghetto hah
I'ma grind wit these thugz of mine
And bust slugz at yo crew we put it down for the Westside
Step aside real G'z coming through for the mistahs me and lil' foo


[Mr. Lil' One]
You remeber the timez that were so devined
Until you benifited bitch you can swallow that shit
Democracy to reason I'm holdin all the keys
Bitch you got karma with all the four seasons
I'm in a circle of my own you better ask
Girl your not a hoe you just take it up the ass
Alot of sex in the city lot of ass and big titties
Foo's getting sprung off bitches looking pretty
It's the life I put in stick my dick in her hand
There you go again Lil' One is my man
Bitch no I'm not stop running to the wrong one
Put my dickies on and beat your ass girl
I don't give a fuck I'm cammanay with a cup of Alize
Fuck what they say Uno bitch take it to the skull
Screaming to the world "Motherfuck you all"