Mr Fox - The Gay Goshawk lyrics

The gay goshawk came to my window sill;
The snow it fell fast & the stars stood still;
Oh, won't you take me in from the storm;
Won't you take me between your sheets so warm.

Gold was the colour of his wings so fair;
His eyes they were bold and of silver so rare;
As I lay his brown body down upon the pillow;
He became a man - lithe as a willow.

Don't breathe a word, don't speak don't shout;
I can turn the whole world round about;
Lay the moon flat on the land;
Whisper rope out of flying sand.

Whispering women so happy beguiled;
Now that he's gone she must care for the child;
Jasmine's the colour of his hair;
The nut-brown boy with the silvery stare.

The night has long gone and the seasons slip by;
Knowing seducers still give me the eye;
But on cold winter's evenings alone I walk;
I watch and I pray for my gay goshawk.