Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun - Don't Ha Ha lyrics

Ahhh... I love a girl,
But the girl's fuck 'bout me.
Oh I'm so cute,
Oh baby can't you see.
I have fully blue eyes.
And I've full blond hair.
Oh they call me the king,
Oh baby I don't care.
So get my thing grow 'n feel,
They cannot feel the heat.
Oh I'm able to give.
And I am so peacefully.
Oh baby, baby,
Oh take my love for serious.
And do you believe it's furious!

And don't ha, ha!
Heewaa, heewaa!
So come on, come on, come on!

Ahh... I go to a house,
Where I am so full of flowers.
To convince the chickens
And my love is full of powers.
I ring the bell and
Whose mother's at the door
I said: Hello Mam!
Your daughter here that I adore?
Ah she looks at me
And starts to cry out.
She said: "Hey little MC"
She knows me,
I should better stop.
Oh, my goodness!
"You're that stupid dumb ass!"
Do you're really such a hull of ever sex?

The world is so cruel,
Now here is my revenge.
I won't make such a mess again.
So I go out to Bobbies ranch.
Round 'n round 'n round me,
No one book a bunny.
Quickly into there,
Step in, you are funny.
So, why I should do that?
'cause I'm there to be met.
And if sees it,
she would have had.
I'm her little lover.
Now I'm undercover.
I met my baby with Michael Buffer!