Mr. Downstairs - Selective Memory lyrics

Don't you forget to forget me
That, you'll remember when I'm not me

What a winter long and tiring
It sees the fall retiring
Selective memory

Doubt I would die so soon

Why oh why can't I remember any of this?
One month after December, I promised
To become the first subhuman to make it in
To the empire forgotten in my head

A surrogate in one eye's blink
Now I think I've been arrested - easy to say
And I think I'm unmolested - selective memory

So now, never let them see you go crazy when they're around
Just pretend never let them see you know that your head isn't...
On straight without care - Like rehash plastic dolls
Rewind this thing they call a history and make your own history
Clean and broken slate, done just for yourself

I have arrived too late
This could be worse than hell
I should asassinate my obstructed mind

Don't become what I have - take your stumbling ego back home
And don't forget what you said what you did
When you hid and you rid yourself of your past self