Mr. Criminal - Gangster Shit lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Rap clowns jockin haters wanna stop it I keep a pistol close don't make me have to pop it southside reppin packing all the weapons blue paño hagin over my side where the teck is trunk vibarating rolling my daytons through the streets of cali catch me westide stating green hydro burning wrong way turning holding all the weapons manufactured by the germans cause I'm southsiding llowriding brown priding extra clips in the back when I'm riding ese stay heated stay weeded keep serving up all the motha fucken feens cause they need it I stay creased a loko stays in the streets I get paid to say my feelings on these beats haha it's just the life of a criminal turn the system up loud ese can you feel me now
Haha that's how we do this shit homie sounds of the varrio part motha fucken 2 hahaha yea turn that shit up homie matter of fact adjust the motha fucken bass I hear alot of foos talking but I don't see em doing shit

[Verse 2:]
I break foos off I'm sick like cannibal lately get your shit sone off your bitch you better protect it cause the clips no cost I'll give it to you free like all these rappers when they flop I'm sicker than the hiv virus when I drop I never will I can't and I just won't stop keep rising to the top I swear these lames be looking petty ass hell flopped out with that whack shit that don't sell well I told all these lames to stay out the game obviously this shit don't change point blank range as I hop out the rage fuck em making em feel the pain ese criminal so insane my brain it just cannot be tamed desert eagle spittin them flames mouth full of smoke from the jane a tiny wino puffin on hydro all I do is let my mind flow this is survival cock it back as I let the nine go throwing bullets like brett favre's throwing up spirals haha I let that motha fucken nine go
Yea hahaha this shit ain't done we keep smashin sounds of the fucken varrio haha yea westcoast southside let em know let em know

[Verse 3:]
I keep bringing the heat got 1 into the street all positions aselete once the missions complete I keep their heads ringing like dre did when he left the roll now they're focused on a criminal knowing hes the next to blow I switch flows I rip shows and flip o's mi vida loca mi clicka is full of skit souls your so ridiculous your tryna get with this is like bear foot crossed with lava cannot step to this I'm dangerous I'm not to be fucked with competition gets stuck quick like a bitch that sucks dick I'm like saddam with a strap in my palm get invaded like vietnam bigger than king kong I'm gigantic making foos sink like the titanic I'm a titan like vince young look at this hispanic hows he tearing up the scene hows he doing damage independently killing em all hi-power status and now they wanna follow they wanna copy wanted to travel the world like us ese back up off us they wanna look like dress like be like us but they can't and it's obvious they're all on the nuts so I bust a couple of rounds a couple of shots at these clowns as they wanna maddogg ese shots to they're frown I took a motha fucken shot now I found that I clown their ain't no motha fucken stoppin me now
Haha that's how we do it it's hi-power westcoast southside hahaha that's how we do it homie these motha fuckers better learn homie it's sounds of the varrio part 2 mr.criminal I got that new shit coming soon the rise to power my new shit haha yea don't sleep homie, don't sleep homie I might come up right behind you don't think I don't hear all you fucken fake ass internet ass wanna be ass me fucken vatos saying fuck hi-power every five minutes out of your fucken mouth but you'll never come out of your motha fucken house hahahaha yea uh