Mozingo - The Ballad Of Bandito Chinchilla lyrics

From the edge of an old west bordertown
He strolls in with a name that has seen some hard times
Tiny and strong
Like an unexpected habanero pepper poppin' up in the middle of your breakfast burrito
He is:

Bandito Chinchilla

With a head like a rock and a heart of gold
He's got a bone to pick with a buncha' desperate desperados
And he ain't no rich Paris's fashion accessory boy
This purse dog's gonna' put the rodeo back in road-a-o Drive
He is

Bandito Chinchilla
Chinchilla is merely his Family Name
Arriba! Chihuahua

He's got two slabs of hurt wrapped in boxing gloves
And it's those fists of steel that can flatten a gang of no good outlaws
Like a runaway freight train rolling over a marshmallow piñata
He is

Bandito Chinchilla!