Moving Heroes - You Are My Angel And My Devil (2007)

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Moving Heroes - You Are My Angel And My Devil lyrics

I stay between heaven and hell - just love and hate.
But I believe we never choose our fate.

Destiny is such a killing sword: it's all may be.
The odd irony connects you and me.
Why so, tell me?
Every day I hear time has gone in vain -
Oh, you can see.
You don't know me, but we're joined
By invisible odd threads.

Don't tell me "Good Bye"
on the edge of the dark hell
You are my angel and my devil
Why not, it's a game
I feel you're not doubtful
Don't say "No"-
you're right no more then ever
I won't break that distance
that is parting you and me.
Got my own way - you've got your way
Just I know - our destiny is strong.

I see you in this photograph you're in paling lights,
All my heart's in ice and flame - and they fight.
Why so, tell me?
I will not believe - will my dreams come true,
Why do people live?
On a lonely way we can't meet,
I'll forget and shall do it.