Move.meant - Audiovisuals lyrics

See we all make different observations
Depending on what's your location
This is just my interpretation

I saw friends come and go, I saw some of them stay
Saw a lot of different faces and places along the way
I saw days and night, I saw rights violated
Saw the innocent convicted, the guilty emancipated
Saw lies created, I saw lives destroyed
Saw some things that I enjoyed, and things I learned to avoid
Annoyed by the shit I saw that I couldn't control
For money and fame, I saw people sell souls
In hellholes I saw people living in, I saw mansions
Saw freedom keep drinking, I saw corporate expansion
Saw things that I couldn't believe or understand
Saw politicians deceive to take the cash from my hand
Supply and demand I saw in every place that I looked
On walls I saw truth, I saw lies in books
I saw what it took to get to where I needed to be
And everything I ever did I saw reflections of me

(Scratched Chorus) (x2)
From the soul y'all
Represent to the fullest
And if I feel it, I'ma have to state in in a rhyme
That's the only time I really find peace
Learning...keep it moving

I see possibilities in all of this hostility
Against the odds and despite of the probablity
I rock facilities when my soliloquies lighten
Cats is overrated, I'm motivated to keep writing
I see people fighting, victory and defeat
I see some of them turned there backs and some that never retreat
I see streets and boulevards and concrete, streets of gold
I see streets of dirt, I even see the crossroads
Lost souls I see sleeping on the same streets I mentioned
I see a lot of people that's wilding out to get attention
I see inventions, I see them changing how we live
I see the consequences, positives, negatives
It's all relative, I see it in the way things work
I see hope in peoples' eyes, in their faces I see hurt
My excerpts is heavy on your mind, so be it
Not an expert, I simply call it how I see it

(Scratched Chorus) (x2)

I want to see change, the government rearranged
A new day, want to see these people looking at life in a different way
Regardless of where you stay, I want to see unity
I want to see each and every child see the same opportunity
Like, I want to see them have the same chance
I want to see the wealthy sacrifice so that the poor can advance
Want to see the world, I want to see my girl succeed
Want to see my own seeds, eventually centuries from now
I want to see how far we've come, everything that's been done
All the battle's been won, without guns
Want to see the outcome of conflicts and confrontations
Then what's next? The side-effects and complications
And conversations between new leaders that take place
Want to see the obstacles and all the challenges faced
Want to see the true stake in this claim
I want to see if y'all still remember the name

(Scratches Chorus) (x2)