Move Ahead - Boylston lyrics

So now it comes down to this
A time of recognition for a bullet that barely missed
My soul is white like the sands
That no child has ever played in
I'm the stone that the builder refused
Breathing in the air of my own misfortunes
But now I've sacrificed myself
For so little, but so much of that
Was objectified by a lack of substance
I had inside
I've never felt the cold hands of death
But I've listened to the rattle of your heart.
And now's about the time where things fall apart

And now the day is fucking done
The battles not over but already been won
I find myself roaming out in the cold
Searching for something to be so bold
This city's easy to loose yourself in
And what you may find when looking
Won't live up to your aspirations

So I just push it aside and find a place to hide in a boylston basement just wasting away my time

Because I'd rather die than be a statue in a garden filled with hate.

But even on the clearest nights
There's not a star in my sky