Mount Eerie - Flaming Home lyrics

You thought you knew me
Emptiness prevails
I thought our full house was glowing
Emptiness in the house

Every single shape I see for the pile of dust it is
Let's get out of the romance
Empty house
Now I look at the lights of town through the trees on my way home
Let's get out of the romance
The house that I walk home to is in flames in this wind
The wind is getting stronger
The emptiness shows
The breath that moves the branches saying words that I don't know
Blows from nowhere
Just destroying
For no reason
But to wake me up again heartbroken and tall
Wind revealing
The dust that the body becomes
The spaces where we stood echo quiet
Rubbing eyes
We feel up the empty days
Clinging with our things to an windy rock
I revealed myself to you
And let the wind take me
Obliterated, you know me by my shadow.