Motorpsycho - Walkin' With J. lyrics

When the saints come down
trembling on my back
when they synchronize my heads
forevermore be a leader of the pack
when they show me heavens door

we never see exactly where to be,
and it never should have gone this far
(C) with Jesus
and they say what he says
and the jerk and the smart-ass
show off their passes
and want us all to come along

someone died for you
don't you think it's true
there's a pot and there's a stew
would we lie to you -
fill your head with lies?
It's all written in this book

repeat pre-chorus and (C)

What's the book you read
compared to what he said?
still you substitute your head
and we all go 'round
searching-lost and found-
make us all just tag along